Greenway group assists its subsidiary and investee companies in research and development activities in the following sectors:

Transport and mobility infrastructures

The group's knowledge and experience - the result of decades of family activity - is characteristic and specific in the sector of transport infrastructure maintenance.

Environmental sustainability and green deal

Always looking for new business challenges, new markets, and with the aim of raising the awareness of Italian entrepreneurship on issues of environmental sustainability, restoring a moral and ethical perspective to companies.

Real estate

Over the years we have grown interested in small hotels and real estate, also through the purchase of properties in various Italian regions and abroad.

The company also carries out monitoring activities regarding compliance with the ethical code of its companies, and directs the development and research activities of the same in the various sectors to which they belong, assisting subsidiary and investee companies in relational and marketing activities.

In addition to being equipped with audit tools for management control, internal production process control procedures, administrative management models and internal audit activities, the Company endeavors to remain vigilant on activities carried out by its subsidiary and investee companies as well as to evaluate targeted activities pertaining to private equity in order to accompany the initial phase of innovative companies operating in various sectors while remaining focused on the sector of infrastructure services.